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To get a sense of Daniel, imagine a stocky panda bear. When I got there, his head was buried in yet another Eastern spirituality book. Two orthodox Jews madly in love, we were sure they would get married and raise a beautiful family.Now add a pair of very thick glasses—thick like the bottom of a pop bottle. Now add a kippah (a Jewish skullcap), and a small gold stud to his left ear and make him unstoppably cuddly. “Good to see you Danny,” I said as I kissed his forehead and sat down in front of him. ” Without looking up, he replied, “Neither good nor bad—just here.” “Oh good, detaching from your wound-body again, are you? He put the book off to the side and looked me square in the face. Perhaps to manage the pain, perhaps to find an answer, he became a spiritual seeker, focusing on various Eastern perspectives.Uv A Heritage ensures that the heritage collections of the University of Amsterdam are relevant for research and educational purposes, for the interested general public and for the University’s image.This mission is linked to four main objectives: All of our activities have the main aims of maintaining the quality and significance of the collections and making them accessible to as broad a relevant public as possible. Acquisition and selection ensure they do not become static, but remain relevant to their purpose and target groups.

“Non-duality requires a more expanded consciousness, Lowen. We sat and slurped our noodles in silence for some time.

Before returning to my apartment, I went to meet Daniel for Dim Sum in Chinatown. If he wasn’t in a relationship with someone he called “the one,” he was sure he had just spotted her.

We have a long-standing tradition of discussing life over dumplings and noodles. And then he met Hannah — a woman that he loved so deeply he would have given his life for her.

In one hand they held traditional glasses of bubbly, but in the other were sheets of paper they had filled with their personal data.

This twist on speed-dating was part of an experiment run by a team at Newcastle University in the UK.


Less ego more…” I cut him off, “No, not less ego, Daniel. Listen, you can’t call it a unified field of awareness if you remove everything uncomfortable from the moment: the ego, your body, your unresolved pain, your personal identifications. That’s dissociation.” “Quite a soliloquy, but let’s look at the facts. Although he was annoying me, I also felt grateful for his impeccably timed message.