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Storm chasers and storm spotters have spelled out the initials of fellow chasers in the tight-knit community four or five times before, but never for someone who hasn't directly 'made a significant contribution to the field'.'This is the first time we've gone way outside of that,' said John Wetter, president of the nonprofit that tracks the positions of tornado chasers and works with the National Weather Service to update weather forecasts.With the help of some dating tips from a seductive divorcee (Connie Nielsen), Harry successfully courts Grace.

, Nico Tortorella plays love interest to Liza (Sutton Foster), a 40-year-old mom who relaunches her career in book publishing by pretending to be 26. "Relationships and people are my hobby of sorts," he told on a visit to the office last week. Definitely with women — and those relationships did not last as long as other relationships. If you love somebody, you can watch them be close with somebody else too, and if that makes them happy, then that should make you happy. But I think that an open relationship or a polyamorous relationship or an understanding of sorts is acceptable in this day and age. As I've gotten older, I understand more what a relationship be. You were in a relationship with an older woman when you were 19 and she was 33, right? I always tried to be friends after the fact, but it never really worked out on her end and there comes a point where you just stop trying.together. We were living in New York and we had the whole world in front of us and we thought we were going to be on the show forever, and then one day the show just fucking got canceled and we had to pack up our apartments and move back to L. We both hit a dark point after the show got canceled, because we were still on this high but we weren't working. I stopped drinking a year ago and started working out heavily. Ever since then, I've gotten a really good mind-body-food balance. He's a Michelin-rated chef and they've been married for, like, three years and he refuses to meet me. And I was like, "So it says I'm a prostitute." And she was like, "No, it's really beautiful, it's poetic — it just means you're a sexual person." Health, wealth, and happiness …

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(A visit that ended with him inadvertently — or purposely? They have to renavigate getting to know each other, because she's basically a brand new person to him. If you've told someone you love them, and then they become a brand new person, do you still love them? Because I don't actually know of any time that we say "I love you" in the second season. And I've been in those relationships and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. If you're going behind the other person's back and if there's any type of malice, you're a bad person, end of story. In other words, there was something flawed about that relationship that led to the cheating? It wasn't working in the first place, which is why one of us or both of us were going out and looking for attention somewhere else. So when you're 21 and you're in Hollywood getting fucked up all the time and you're not working, bad things happen. And that's kind of what happened with our relationship. So did you give up drinking because you were addicted? I did for a while and then it wasn't working anymore.

— showing off his pubes.) "I love exchanging energy with people and getting to know people and falling in and out of love." Here, Nico talks more about his romantic life, cheating, Botox, and his failed CW show now that he knows she was lying about her age. Even the writers were like, "Yeah, we didn't even think about it." And when we say we loved each other, we were fucked up on molly. At the end of the day, we weren't a match at all, just in terms of the way we live our lives. And thank god I was able to recognize that and turn it around.

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