Dating guerrilla tactic

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Dating guerrilla tactic

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The military government also had troops scattered in the area by the early-1970s, but it was only in 1972, after having combated urban guerrilla groups and killing leaders like Carlos Marighella and ex-military member and leftist leader Carlos Lamarca, that the regime turned greater attention to the leftists in Brazil’s interior around the Araguaia River basin.

Forty years ago today, the Brazilian military dictatorship launched its attack against the anti-dictatorship guerrillas inhabiting the Araguaia River basin in the state of Goiás (today, Tocantins).

The campaign, and the subsequent disappearances of dozens of citizens, marks one of the darkest and most extreme cases of repression and human rights violations of Brazil’s 21-year military dictatorship.

The partisan ranks grew as did the training requirements for the partisan commanders.

The 1942 edition of the Partisan's Companion helped quickly train new guerrillas to a common standard.

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