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All surviving ledgers have been digitized (some 2,300 pages in total) and made available free on the web for private research. Later ledgers from the Dickinson Archives contain production records from 1910 to 1974.A lot of the industry was supplied by small companies, or even individuals, who specialised in making a certain part of the concertina.It was therefore possible for someone to set up as a manufacturer if they had enough knowledge of the suppliers.

Within a few years of that date, the German concertina was a popular import in England, Ireland, and North America, due to its ease of use and relatively low price.

Hello I can't find any documents to help me date this George Jones concertina # 12961. [attachment=7034: IMG_7583x_1.jpg] [attachment=7035: IMG_7589x_1.jpg] Thanks, Richard Edited by richard, 24 October 2011 - PM.

Hi folks - just bought a lovely example of a George Jones Anglo (26 button) in Ab/Eb which I'm planning on retuning to G/D.

As published in Concertina Magazine, 13 (Winter 1985): 4–5, and 14 (Spring 1985): 4–7.

The Anglo originated as a hybrid between the English and German concertinas.

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Earlier ledgers from the Wayne Archives contain company sales records from the late 1830s to the 1860s along with production records from the 1860s to the 1890s and some early records of wages and other payments.

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